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Advanced GPRS Shield goes online!

After weeks of development and testing i am happy to announce the updated Advanced GPRS library that does exactly what this shield was designed for, GPRS internet access! So now you can go online, communicate with remote servers and exchange data in realtime. The powerfull SIM900D TCP/IP engine and extended AT commands helped us to […]

Vehicle OBD2 Shield – Coming Soon!

Vehicle OBD2 Shield

Good news! The first engineering samples are ready and we have started primary tests for the new OBD2 Arduino shield based on the STN1110 IC. The STN110 is a multiprotocol OBD to UART interpreter IC. It provides an easy means of accessing vehicle data, including diagnostic trouble codes, MIL status, VIN, Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) […]

New project – Advanced GPRS Shield

We are back in business, that’s a fact! Full of new ideas, i can’t wait for your feedback to our projects! Right now i would like to introduce you a new shield for Arduino boards and compatibles, the Advanced GPRS shield! Many days of work on this, i wanted it first for me and my projects […]