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Product Description

This is an evaluation board designed for the all-time classic Telit GM862 GSM/GPRS module series.
Telit module holds a legacy especially in the diy scene because of its “all-in-one” design and the powerfull embedded TCP/IP stack.

All these years this module is on the market and all the impovements and new features each new version adds makes it an excelent choice for every application needs a reliable and fast time-to-market SMS/GPRS solution.

So what is the catch? you may think..

Well.. it’s not the kind of module that you just plug a 5V power source on it and wait to work.. it has its quirks!

First of all it’s the power source. Neither common 5V or 3.3V will make this work..  it needs 3.8V that can handle the 1.9A! spikes when communicating with the GSM network.
Then comes it’s I/O lines… GPIO and UART… all working on 2.8V CMOS levels.. one thing is sure, you can’t have it all!
Ohh and don’t forget this pesky 50-pin connector that is there to make your life harder, especially if you are not an SMD soldering expert.

So here we come with Sigalabs GM862 Evaluation board that will make the prototyping process with these modules much easier!

Just plug in your 5-9 volts on the power input, push in yout network’s SIM card and press the power-on button for just a second…  the impressive blue light will come up and your module is online!
A level translation chip help’s you connect it fast to your PC or other device that support RS232 level. (You can use a serial to USB cable if you prefer USB connection). You can also disconnect the on-board RS232 translating IC so you can embed it on your own project. Take care the logic levels are 3V only!

You can now start developing your next big project!

On both sides you have all the modules pins in standard pin headers for easily integration with your project!

So now you can enjoy this feature-rich and quality module without any excuse!

General Features

  • Communication via RS-232 interface, direct connection to your PC or other system.
  • Power regulation circuitry, just plug in your external voltage on board. (6-9V, at least 200mA)
  • Breakout all the 50-pin of the Telit module to easily use, standard 0.1″ pin headers.
  • Power-on push button on board.
  • Indication leds for Power (Blue led) and module activity (Red led).
  • You can isolate the on-board RS-232 translator IC so you can use TX-RX lines externally from your microcontroller.
  • Board comes fully assembled with 50 pin Molex connector, just plug your favorite GM862 module and play.


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