New project – Advanced GPRS Shield

We are back in business, that’s a fact! Full of new ideas, i can’t wait for your feedback to our projects!

Right now i would like to introduce you a new shield for Arduino boards and compatibles, the Advanced GPRS shield!
Many days of work on this, i wanted it first for me and my projects and of course couldn’t resist to share it with you.

It is not just another GPRS Shield, this was made with some standard features in mind that makes it unique.

First of all, i always looking for a low cost GPRS module for my projects, many years now i was working with Siemens and Telit modules, excellent choices both of them but the high price was keeping them away. Then i came across with a nice and cheap module from SIMCOM, a Chinese giant of communication products.. when i saw the price i knew it will be a hit!

I chose the Simcom SIM900D instead of the simple version SIM900 for a good reason, i has an integrated Li-Ion charger!|
Ohh i know what you are thinking.. i thought it too! So i designed the Advanced GPRS shield for my favorite Arduino platform.

Now i can finally create cost effective, data gathering or controlling nodes!

In the near feature  i will show you many examples of what you can do with these babies.. stay tuned!

Ohh and don’t forget to keep an eye on the project’s page for updates, example codes and news about this project!


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